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Park West Ministries

Park West Kids

PWKids is where kids can have fun, make friends, and find a place to belong. Small group leaders aim to help kids BELIEVE in God and understand what it means to live like a Christian.


Park West Students

We want to see students find God, grow their faith, discover their purpose, and make a difference. We want students to learn how to be an example of Jesus to their family and friends; to live on mission in their neighborhoods and schools.

Oasis Young Adults

It seems like too many of us are trying to go through life alone. We need a community to belong to. Oasis is that community and we come together as a group every Thursday night at 8:30 pm. If you’re out of Highschool and under 30 this is the place for you

Women's Ministry

We exist to champion women forward in their journey of better understanding who God is and how He sees them.



There are over 2 billion people in this world that are considered “unreached.”  In Matthew 28, Jesus commanded us to go to the nations with His Gospel.  Park West Church regularly has many members that go out into all the world on foreign mission trips.