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Our Mission:

To see students find Godgrow their faithdiscover their purpose, and make a difference. We want students to learn how to be an example of Jesus to their family and friends; to live on mission in their neighborhoods and schools.

Who We Are:

We are students from different schools, interests, and walks of life who are doing our best to fearlessly follow Jesus and live for Him daily. PWstudents is your place to connect. To bring friends and make new ones. To discover for yourself who Jesus is and what a relationship with Him looks like. We are PWstudents!

What to expect

Every Wednesday night at 5:30 the doors are open we’re ready to hang out with students! Our game room, café, and outdoor experience is setup and ready to go. At 6:15 we all come together in the student center for worship music, teaching, and a game or two. Right after the service, at about 7:30, we split out into groups by grade and break down the teaching we just heard.

Upcoming Events

Live Stream

Every week we stream our services live so you can watch with us! Whether you’re a parent who wants to see what’s going on, or have something to talk about with your student later, or you’re a student that couldn’t make it this week, you can join us live!

Parent Info

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Our parent Facebook group is a must for anyone who has a student attending PWStudents. We update that group almost daily. It’s the best place to stay up to date on everything going on at PWStudents.

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We’ve got answers! Send us a message and we’ll reply asap!